Nick Cannon Thrives and Strives as a Lupus Warrior   Recently updated !

Nick sat down for an in-depth interview with WebMD magazine on living with lupus but remaining ever the hard-working, multi-jobbed hustler. Some mornings, Nick Cannon struggles 30 minutes to get out of bed. “I don’t necessarily look sick, but there are times when I wake up and I can’t move,” says Cannon, who talks candidly about […]

Nick Cannon WebMD Lupus Warrior

Nick Cannon Dion Deezy The Heat

Nick Cannon Shares His Views On Change & #BlackLivesMatter on The Heat

Nick stopped by Sirius XM’s The Heat earlier today where he talked to Dion Deezy. The interview which included an in-studio audience of approximately 50 participants from various age ranges got discuss what’s currently going on in the community and the Black Lives Matter movement. They also discussed key things that are important not just […]