Nick Cannon on Business, Being Taken Seriously & Faking It ‘Til You Make It 2 correspondent Shannon Lanier recently caught up with self-described “Entrepretainer” Nick Cannon, who, at just 30, has already been in the entertainment business for 15 years and juggles weighty responsibilities as the Chairman of Teen Nick (part of Nickelodeon), owner of several other businesses (including his multi-media entertainment company), host of NBC’s popular America’s Got Talent and, let us not forget, soon-to-be dad.

We asked Cannon to tell us how he manages it all, and how, at such a young age, he makes sure that even though he came into this game as a comedian, people know that he’s mature enough to make the tough decisions, and that he’s serious when it comes to his business. BE Nexters take note: Cannon says youth can work to your advantage; but when others try to spin it as anything but, sometimes you “have to step in there, be a shark about it, and let people know, ‘hey, don’t let what you think you know fool you…'”

See more of Nick Cannon’s key tips for young entrepreneurs below, and be sure to watch him this weekend on Black Enterprise Business Report.

Source: Black Enterpise

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