Nick Cannon Made Valiant Effort To Hug His Way Into History

On Friday (August 18) Nick Cannon attempted to break the world record for the most hugs in an hour at Citi Field in Flushng , Queens. Unfortunately, he fell just 52 hugs shy of his goal.

The 1, 698 participants of the Hug-Out received a free Mets/Nick Cannon commemorative t-shirt and toy company WowWee donated one Paper Jamz toy for every hug to the Mets Care Room at New York Hospital of Queens.

Nick expressed his disappointment during a brief cool-down “52 off! We’ve got to do it again. I felt like if we had started a little later and closer to the door, we would have got it.”

Cannon said he was inspired to attempt the feat because he has always wanted to set a world record and because he is known as a prolific and outstanding hugger.

Another Nick, Nick Vujicic remains the holder of the one-hour hugging record. Despite Nick not achieving his goal he still left many folks with something to smile about. 6-year-old Ryan Carty of Huntington, N.Y. who was attending his first live baseball game at Citi Field with his father, Jimmy, are big fans of Cannon’s radio show.

“We listen to it all the time,” Jimmy Carty said. “He’s funny, he’s very good with people. It’s one of the best morning shows I listen to.”

“He plays good music,” Ryan Carty added.

Seeing the bright side of it all Cannon said “1,698 kids still get toys. It was a thing where I always wanted to break a world record, I’ve been known for giving good hugs and I thought I could pull it off, but I didn’t know it was so difficult.”

Check out some of the awesome hugs below


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