Monster & Nick Cannon Team Up for Ncredible Headphones 4

You may have first seen Nick rock the his Ncredible headphones on the orange carpet for the 2011 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards back in April. Well now you’ll get to own a pair of your own.

Monster, the same company that has brought you Beats head phones and Nick have joined forces to bring you NCredible-branded headphones.

The line will have both on-ear and in-ear versions. It will be youth-targeted. The on-ear NTune will retail for $149 and the in-ear Nergy for $69.95, both will be available in January.

The NTunes will include Monster’s signature tangle-free cable and a right-angle connector.

The Nergy ear buds are designed to snap together magnetically to create a necklace when not being used, Monster said.

Both models have the NCredible medallion, as well Monster’s ControlTalk Universal hands-free controls.

Source: Twice

4 thoughts on “Monster & Nick Cannon Team Up for Ncredible Headphones

  • BlackLove

    Nice but outta the budget for 169! Lol I’m all about supporting and all but between him and Dre wth these damn sky high head phones man! Smh These are either meant for ppl with money,ppl who have a NEED for super high grade headphones such as djs’, radio hosts and singers or people who perpetrate and buy ish they really can’t afford! Sorry Nick and Monster but I’ll pass. Nice though

  • BlackLove

    Ohh and to add, I do know and understand the quality of great headphones! Thus the price! Butttt…my only beef is when they say “YOUTH TARGETED”! What’s that, the 25(maybe 21) and under crowd? How many “youths” do they think can afford these?! Tuition is very real, as well as, everyday living for a “youth”! I can see 70 or even 90 bucks for the studio phones but for earbuds tho!? Nahh! Nick is my man 100 grand and all but I can’t rock with him on this one!

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