Nick Cannon and Cory Gunz bringing elegance in ’09 and beyond 2

Cory Gunz is obviously doing something extremely right. So many heavyweights have wanted to put their muscle behind him at one time or another. Jay-Z, L.A. Reid, Tommy Mottola — and we don’t even need to mention Gunz’s god-pop, Shaquille O’Neal.

The new cat in Cory’s corner is Hollywood renaissance man Nick Cannon. Cannon is overseeing Cory’s debut LP, as well as producing a reality-TV show for the Bronx rhyme animal.

“It’s about bringing hip-hop back and taking it all the way to the top,” Cannon told us about the show.

“Me and Nick got a couple things under wraps,” Gunz explained, standing in front of the new Yankee Stadium last week. “We’re trying to make a couple big things happen. We’re trying to do things real elegant for ’09, ’10 and beyond. We caught a couple projects in the works. Nick has been real instrumental behind the scenes on the project. And he’s opened a couple of doors for me. Nick is my big brother now, for real. He’s opening doors for me, giving me opportunities in and out of the studio. It’s about to be ugly.”

Cory, Cannon and even Gunz’s dad Peter were all in the studio last week working, and while the official album cooks up, the 22-year-old legacy MC continues to thrive off his street and Internet popularity. Every Tuesday, he lets a new freestyle out on, and Cory’s next project will be his long delayed Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama. Titled, Heir to the Throne, the tape is done and will be the streets shortly.

Do check out the MTV clip below, he’s bananas. If you appreciate real hip-hop you’ll definitely want to get his mixtape.

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