Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Attend President Obama Fundraiser Hosted by Spike Lee 9

Amid all the talk of a Hollywood boycott on fundraising for Barack Obama because of his SOPA position, the president was feted Thursday night at a $35,800-per-ticket fundraiser at director Spike Lee’s New York City brownstone.

Among the 45 guests were Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon.

According to the pool report, Obama told the crowd: “Everybody in this room is going to be doing fine — but for children and grandchildren and future generations who are going to be able to proudly say that America continues to be the land of opportunity.”

Although Lee has been critical of the president in the past, all seemed to be forgiven at the intimate gathering. Lee’s wife, writer Tonya Lewis Lee, introduced the president to the crowd. “Another four years,” she said. The president took the microphone to warm applause.

In his opening remarks, Obama recalled how he took Michelle to see Lee’s movie Do the Right Thing on their first date, according to the pool report.

Lee quipped: “Good thing you didn’t choose Driving Miss Daisy.”





Source: HollywoodReporter  Chef Roble

9 thoughts on “Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Attend President Obama Fundraiser Hosted by Spike Lee

  • BlackLove

    I bet Roble shut that damn menu down! After seein his show he gets MAJOR props from me bcus he’s innovative! 36G’s per plate!? Lawd! Lol but that’s a drop in the bucket for all of them! Roble is either tall as hell or he’s standing on a step bcus he str8 dwarfs Nick on this pic and I kno Nick and Mariah are pretty tall! OBAMA2012 for sure though!

    SN: WHOAAA @ Mariahs’ necklace!

  • HelloKittyPink

    If only, if only I had the money and connections to be there, lol. Mariah and Nick look great and Mariah's necklace is everything!!!!! Shoot I love you M but don't ever get too close to me because something might go missing lol 😉 . I hope the President does get another 4 years.

  • BlackLove

    LOL @HelloKittyPink

    I know u were joking about the jewelry thing but Maaannnnnnnnnnnn Mariah got that secret service type ish for security! Lmao I know my boy Nick isn’t use to that. No shade but in everyday life,he never needed her type of security! Any time I have seen her,them or heard stories…Mariah security be on it! Lmao Can’t blame her tho! My ex(she IS a MC stan lol) showed me a vid of Mariah in Paris back in the late 90’s or 00’s and Mariah damn near got her hair snatched by a crazed fan! It was in french but I know the reporter said they hadn’t seen a crowd like tht since MJ! Ijs! But yea they look great and Roble is that dude!

    • HelloKittyPink

      Oh and it's not shade, it's just the truth that he didn't need the security that he does now, before he married Mariah. It's not a money thing really because money and fame are not mutually exclusive; there are plenty of millionaires that don't have security, simply because they're anonymous. It's the fame part, millions of people all over the world know who she is and she means alot to those people and even though MCC doesn't like to call them crazy, we'll do it for her: She has some crazy ass fans and I'm sure they've tried some crazy stuff. The rest are just really excited to meet her and they crowd around, which I'm sure can be overwhelming at times and possibly disorientating (at least I would be), so she needs her bodyguards lol.

  • BlackLove

    DEFINATELY! I gotta say almost EVERY celeb has fans and “stans” then u got ya “crazy stans”! Lmao And Mariah got an abundance of all! I will never forget walking past Barneys in NYC a cpl years ago and seeing a a** of ppl just standing there watchin her and Nick go in! Lmao But if u can find that youtube vid of her in Paris you will be amazed! That was when “Celebrity” meant talent of some sort! It is unbelievable!

  • resume world

    If you ask me the same thing then my answer would be that obama has been the right person for the sake of better future of this country. I his time everyone was living easily.

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