Nick Cannon Brings Pizzaz as HBO Boxing Ring Announcer 3

Nick Cannon brought pizzaz to his debut as an HBO Boxing ring announcer as stated by one viewer of the Ward/Dawson bout via twitter.

While that was one take on Nick’s debut and there were many similar reviews on his performance, there were also those whose opinions weren’t so glowing. Here’s my objective take on Nick’s debut:

First off Nick definitely brought that Vegas cool to the ring with his choice of wardrobe simple and clean black suit and shirt sans tie was a great choice. It set the right tone without being too much.

As far as his announcing for both the Ward/Dawson and preceding fight was good. However he does have to work on making his delivery consistent. I was able to immediately tell who he was rooting for in how he read Chad Dawson’s stats versus Andre Ward.

He also needs to work on not looking down as much when reading the information cards. Overall I give him a B+ on his debut. I’d love for the head honchos at HBO Boxing to have Nick return for more opportunities as announcer.There’s only room for him to go even better, who knows there may even be a pay-per-view announcer moment in his future.

Below are photos of Nick during the weigh-in for the Ward/Dawson fight as well as following Ward’s victory by KO.

3 thoughts on “Nick Cannon Brings Pizzaz as HBO Boxing Ring Announcer

  • Qtee64

    People always have something negative to say. My mother use to say, "If they talked about Jesus, what makes you think they won't talk about you too." I personally thought he did well for his first time as an announcer. I applaud Nick for accomplishing another task on his "goals or to do" list. I also hope he becomes a billionaire by the age of 35 (another goal of his). Anyway, I hope Nick keeps on doing his "thing" and let them continue to talk. Haters will be haters and fans will be fans.

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