Wild ‘N Out Is Back! Sign Up For Tickets To Be In The Audience 420

Nick Cannon and MTV2 are about to bring back the groundbreaking MTV series, Wild ‘N Out – a half-hour of comedy improv with a hip-hop sensibility. This is a brand new season! Every episode, it’s Nick vs. a new A-list celebrity, as each leads their own team of improv comedians in an attempt to come out on top in a variety of ridiculous comic throw downs.

Traditional improv games get a hip-hop twist as Nick and a troupe of all-star and rising comics rip through the headlines–and each others’ reputations. It all culminates in a freestyle comedy battle to decide who wins fame and who goes home in shame. Don’t miss the laughs, the battles and the music on Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out on MTV2.

1iota (Free Tickets For Fans) is casting 150 die hard comedy fans per episode to be part of the live studio audience.

Everyone must be at least 18 years old and have a valid state/government issued ID or passport (with a visible date-of-birth) to attend a taping.

Please be aware that cell phones, cameras, large bags/backpacks, food or drinks will NOT be allowed in the venue.

Tapings start February 5th in NYC. Click HERE for tickets and get ready to WILD OUT!!!


Source: 1iota

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420 thoughts on “Wild ‘N Out Is Back! Sign Up For Tickets To Be In The Audience

  • Marnae Lewis

    Hello, my name is Marnae. I’m 28, a working mother of three loving beautiful girld and would love to know how to get to tickets to be in the audience of Wild ‘N Out. I love your show. I don’t go out much, because I’m always on my mommy/working duties and would love to come to your show. I’m watching your show right now I write this message ????.

  • crystol dobson

    Hi my name is Crystol Dobson. I am an nurse assistant in NY. My brother was hit by a drunk driver and was in a coma for 5 months.. he is doing better today however we r faithful viewers amd would love to attend the show. . I really want to give him that one wish.. please assist me on how I’m able to purchase tickets to your show

  • laverne leach

    Hi my name is laverne an ive been watchin wild n out since it came out, I have a 19 year old an a 21yr old as well an we always bond ova da show. I love it an would love to get tickets for me an my soldiers before we go our seperate ways in life.

  • Kendal clarke

    I love to watch Wild ‘N Out. The show is so unpredictable I can always expect to get a real good laugh while watching the show. I can only imagine what’s the energy will be like sifting there at the filming. I am watching Wild ‘N Out right now I love this show, I am a 24 years Old who live in Brooklyn, NY. I just HAVE TO ATTEND A filming OF THE SHOW PLEASE PLEASE I WANT TO TURN UP AND GET A REAL life time experience enjoying the energy the shows bring me each and every time I watch it. Thanks for taking the time out to read this message and sending me my tickets. If choosen can you send me three tickets I am a part of a nonprofit organization who have a real Worthy sister and brother that I will love to enjoy this experience. Thanks again !!

  • Miss Lena Coe

    I wood like to come to the show in NYC on my birthday in January 23 I wood like to know wat day u do the taping,. Can someone put in the right direction to get tickets the show.

  • Angelica Hernandez


    Please let me know when the show is coming up again and I would like to know where I can get tickets for the show..?