Nick Cannon Gets Raw with Howard Stern 5

Howard Stern is known for getting his guests to let down their guard on his SiriusXM radio show and Nick Cannon is no exception (ooh, you.

On his visit this morning with Howard Nick discussed everything from past sexual experiences with females with bad “cookie jar” smells, penis measuring to the real deal with Mariah’s regards to the whole Nicki/Idol drama.

In regards to that he revealed that Idol producers tried to rush her to sign on as a judge and then once signed revealed to her they were considering a four judge panel.

He reveals that some of the energy created during the whole Idol mess was channeled into her upcoming album, whose title was just revealed as The Art of Letting Go, which is set to be released July 23rd.

He also discussed his second upcoming Showtime comedy special titled F**k Nick Cannon and gaining the rights to the iconic show Soul Train.

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