Nick Cannon Makes GQ’s ‘The 25 Most Stylish Men on Television’ List

Nick is known for his colorful and unique fashion sense and the people at GQ Magazine have taken notice by including him on their 25 Most Stylish Men on Television list, landing at number four.

Below are some of Nick’s most popular looks for this season’s America’s Got Talent.

4. Nick Cannon, America’s Got Talent

We’re calling it right now, Nick Cannon is outdressing every other host out there. In a variety show where singers compete with magicians and insanely good dancers (see: Kenichi Ebina), the guy whose job it is to mediate between the talent and the judges has to stand out somehow. Thankfully, Cannon’s wardrobe manages to do so without making him look like a peacock. It’s definitely rule-breaking attire (sockless ankles, cobalt blue suits) that wouldn’t fly under the strictest dress codes, but it’s pushing the #menswear agenda of having fun with your clothes (without going overboard) to the masses, and that’s a beautiful thing.


Source: GQ


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