Nick Cannon Opens Up About Quality Time with Mariah & His Kids

America’s Got Talent wrapped up, which means one thing for host Nick Cannon, more time with his loving family.

Nick opened up to In Touch about his intimate time with Mariah, the milestones his twins Moroccan and Monroe are hitting and more!

We caught up with Nick in New York, where he was for the final episode of AGT, he quickly jetted to Los Angeles, where he’ll stay for less than 48 hours, and come back to New York.

If nothing else, his busy schedule has been a learning experience for his children.

My daughter can look at a map and point out California, and New York,” Nick told In TouchShe knows she lives in New York. She can point out Florida, I can’t even do that! My son, he can, but he’s not as…they say like females are more advanced than boys.”

Don’t worry though—Moroccan’s got talents of his own; Nick added that “he’s a tough guy, he’s a boxer, he plays the drums, and he’s adorable.

Nick also explained one of the benefits or having twins—they always have a friend around!

“They’re best friends,” he told In Touch. “All they do is worry about each other, they feed each other, it’s great.”

Even with AGT ending, Nick still has a lot coming up—an album coming up in April, the Halo awards, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, to name a few. Not to mention fatherhood!

But Nick reassured us that he and Mariah make time for each other—even if it’s not in a traditional way.

“Date night for us is like watching DVDs in bed eating popcorn,” he said. “That’s the best kind. But the whole family last weekend went and got ice cream at like midnight before she went to the studio and we went uptown, and sat there, it was pretty cool.”


Source: In Touch