Nick & Mariah’s Twins Have A Super Halloween

Nick and Mariah’s twins Roc and Roe also affectionately called “dem babies” sure have grown. Nick posted a series of videos to his instagram account showing the twins dressed up as Superboy and Supergirl with him dressed as Superman.

Mariah was not on camera but could be heard laughing at her children and husband’s playful antics as Roc knocked his Daddy out twice and his very adorable sister Roe came to Nick’s rescue warning him “Be careful, daddy.” and asking him if he was he alright.

Little Miss Monroe also showed just how brilliant she is as she clearly stated what city she lives in and who the current President is. She is also gave her best diva-in-training pose as she posed like her mother Mariah for her Supergirl pose prior to her declaration that Superman doesn’t pose.

Mariah joined in the fun by posting instagram photos of herself dressed as sexy Superwoman catching a quick power nap as Nick and the twins come down from their sugar high and as the Superfamily all crowded in the bed after the day of fun.