Nick Cannon Gives A New Definition to Style

Nick once again graces the cover of Bleu Magazine in a fashion spread that is the definition of effortless cool.

To celebrate the cover Hennessy V.S and Bleu Magazine held an exclusive dinner for Nick at STK in the meatpacking district of NYC earlier this week (Feb 11).

The dinner was in culminating celebration of Nick’s successful career and longevity in the entertainment industry and to tout his new cover for Bleu’s March issue.

The actor/comedian wore all white for the classy affair and spoke about the importance of uplifting and mentoring others.

Cannon was joined by his longtime business associate Dorian Graham, Henry Polanco from Team Hennessy, as well as several close friends and colleagues.

Guests were served Hennessy V.S cocktails, including “The Cannon” named in his honor.

Below is photos from the private shindig. Also below is Nick’s interview and spread with the magazine.


Nick Cannon has redefined the definition of multifaceted through his endeavors. Maintaining a positive attitude in the face of challenges,

Cannon emerges victorious in all aspects of life. The Mogul in the making discusses the role of family, new business ventures, his ever-changing style, and triumph over his chronic battle with Lupus.

Which celeb closet would he raid in a New York minute?

: Sinatra back in the day had effortless swag, I would snatch everything from that dude’s closet.

How has life changed since his Lupus Diagnosis?

NC: The condition has made me better. I have doctors’ orders to get a certain amount of sleep. I used to
go a week or two without sleep, only taking naps. It is a lot of stretching and
mediating, before I would lift weights. Now it is a total body workout. It is a blood condition and you
have to make sure your blood is flowing properly.

How has family influenced his personal style?

: You know my style has to be next level. Even though my gear is crazy, and my wife’s gear is crazy, my
kids probably have better style than the both of us. We kind of dictate off of what they wear.

Discussing his vision for Nick Cannon Ties:

I think I can build a real line that people can believe in. The same way they believe in Ralph Lauren.

Source: AllHipHop/Bleu Magazine

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