Introducing Nick Cannon’s White Alter Ego: Connor Smallnut

Never let it be said that Nick ever does anything small. It truly abides by the adage “Go Big or Go Home”. He proved just how big and far he was willing to go to promote his soon-to-be released album “White People Party Music” by turning himself into a white man!

Nick transformed himself into his white male alter ego “Connor Smallnut” with the help of some cinematic quickly body makeup. He also donned a blond lace front wig. His transformation was nothing shocking to say the least.

When he sent out the introduction of his alter via his instagram majority of the public reaction took it all as jokes from the rapper/actor/comedian. Some however felt it was reverse racism not unlike when actress/dancer Julianne Hough dressed in black face as the character “Crazy Eyes” from the Netflix series Orange is the New Black .

Nick Cannon Connor Smallnut