Nick Cannon Shares His Management Strategy for Amber Rose

On Tuesday (October 14) while awaiting to break yet another World record at Samsung’s #DITCHtheDSLR at Hollywood and Highland Nick shared his thought process on work and his plans for his new management client Amber Rose, with US magazine.

“We’re super excited about her brand,” Cannon told Us. “I feel like she’s one of those people who are truly an icon when it comes to fashion, style, and even just someone in pop culture. I want to help her develop a lot of things and the first thing we are starting with is a book. We just did a huge book deal that we are really excited about.”

Cannon had high praises for Rose, calling her “super intelligent” and “ready and willing as a business woman” to tackle the industry. “We kind of came up with a lot of the concepts together, but it’s going to be something where I think it’s going to shock a lot of people. I think it’s going to be really good for her brand and launch. My plan is to [begin with] the book then television, and so many other things. You’ll see, it will be out soon!”

Nick also mentioned his desires in even more creative endeavors including back in front of the big screen. He hopes to one day collaborate with stars like Denzel Washington and Snoop Dogg.

“I think that would be really cool as an actor and as a music artist,” Cannon reflected to Us. “[To be able to work with] the people I grew up with listening to and that I admire. Snoop was someone that I always wanted to work with and we just completed a new song. Stuff like that, getting the opportunity to do things and work with people that I’ve always looked up to make this industry really cool.”

In the meantime, he’s been balancing his busy work life with time management. “I learned that early on because I do like to do so many things,” Cannon told Us of planning effectively. “I call myself an entrepre-tainer, you know what I mean? It’s in front of the camera and on the other side of camera as well. As a businessman, you have to say, ‘Alright, do I have the time to do this and is this worth my time?'”

He concluded that he was very thankful for his multifaceted career. “I love it all,” he told Us. “From comedy to music to writing to creating products, all of these things to managing brands. It’s just one of those things where to me, it all seems like one job. I know it’s many different facets but really I just got to wake up and be creative and that’s a blessing.”


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