Drumline: A New Beat Comes In Number 1 on Nielsen Twitter Ratings

The movie maybe receiving mixed and harsh reviews but it still managed to come in number one Nielsen’s Twitter ratings last night beating out WWE Raw, Love & Hip Hop:Hollywood and Dancing with the Stars.

The film also stayed trending on Twitter during the entire premiere.

There were many reviews on social media that felt as if the film was trying to cram too much into too little time and would be better of as a series.

As it so happens that is a desire that has been expressed by Nick [Cannon] who not only starred in the original film as Devin Miles but also served as executive producer on this adaptation.

This is what Nick had to say to EBONY prior to the premiere: “We created a classic tale the first time around, but that HBCU experience just isn’t on television. It hasn’t been told that much on film except for School Daze and it hasn’t been told on television since A Different World. So to bring this one straight to VH1, my ultimate goal is to be able turn the television movie into the television series. Based on the ratings and the response, this storyline will turn into an ongoing storyline similarly to the way VH1 did Single Ladies.”

The film continues to be a conversation the morning after. Will that lead to a series? We’ll have to watch and see.

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