Nick Talks Early AGT Predictions and His Twin Children on Extra

Auditions are still on-going for the upcoming 10th season of everyone’s favorite summer tv extravaganza, AGT.

Nick and judges Heidi, Howard, Mel and Howie kicked off the auditions at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center yesterday, where Nick introduced with the judges and got to have fun with the crowd of fans who were there as well.

Also while on the red carpet Nick got the chance to talk to Extra’s AJ Calloway about what type of act he things will take the $1 Million win of the competition and also about his adorable twin children Roc and Roe and their emerging distinct tastes and personalities. Roc and Roe will be turning 4 on April 30th.

Nick later predicts that the fans (but especially Howard) will finally see a band win this year.

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