Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Have Easter Fun with Twins at the Bronx Zoo

Happy Easter Sunday! #nyiswild

That was the caption on Mariah Carey’s Instagram following a candid shot of her, Nick and Roc and Roe as they enjoyed the Bronx Zoo’s annual Easter Egg hunt extravaganza.

The kids had loads of fun as they hunted for eggs all over the famed zoo and played with bubbles and toys.

Roc was the quintessential little tough guy as he rocked his matching jeans and jacket with black boots while Roe kept it girly with her hot pink dress and matching Ugg boots with white tights.

The previous day the kids dyed and decorated Easter eggs which prompted Mariah to share a snapshot of diva-in-training Miss Monroe pursing her lips while wearing her MC is My Mommy nightshirt as she decorated her eggs.

This is the first snapshot of the separated couple together with their children in several months. It also lays to rest the erroneous story that had been floating about earlier during the week courtesy of the Daily Mail of Nick writing a tell-all book regarding Mariah.

Nick later re-posted Mariah’s photo with the caption “Best Easter Sunday @bronxzoo Roc & Roe had a blast finding eggs all over the Zoo! #FestiveFamily #HappyEaster”

Lambs also got into the holiday spirit especially one in particular, Nilton Júnior who drew a picture of Roc and Roe with bunny ears and noses.

Check out the festive Easter fun below.

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