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Why Nick Cannon Did Radio with His Hands Tied Behind His Back 1

Just as a doctor can misdiagnose an illness that may look like another illness; in radio, programmers and consultants can miss the necessary ingredients for a jock or morning teams’ success, simply by following familiar templates that have worked in their past. In the case of Nick Cannon, it was like growing one of those […]

Nick Cannon 92.3 NOW first day

Nick Cannon Steps Down from “Rollin” Radio Show to Focus on his Health 1

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately that day has comer sooner than forseen for “Rollin’ with Nick Cannon” radio show. On Wednesday (February 15) Nick revealed that he’d been in the hospital over the weekend for two blot clots found in his lungs. Now his doctors have ordered that he cut […]


Nick Cannon’s YRB Magazine Cover Party

Nick Cannon is on the latest cover of YRB Magazine and last night 923Now & YRB shut down Kiss & Fly in NYC to celebrate the launch.  Nick as always entertained everyone on the 1’s & 2’s. Many celebs stopped by to show love, Ncredible Ent. artist Cory Gunz, Hip Hop Legend Peter Gunz, TV/Radio Personality Amanda […]


"Nick Cannon Made Valiant Effort To Hug His Way Into History"

Nick Cannon Made Valiant Effort To Hug His Way Into History

On Friday (August 18) Nick Cannon attempted to break the world record for the most hugs in an hour at Citi Field in Flushng , Queens. Unfortunately, he fell just 52 hugs shy of his goal. The 1, 698 participants of the Hug-Out received a free Mets/Nick Cannon commemorative t-shirt and toy company WowWee donated […]


Nick Cannon Preps for Guinness Hug-A-Thon on Today Show

This morning Nick Cannon and the Rollin’ crew broadcasted live from The NBC Experience at Rockefeller in New York City prepping for his big Hug-A-Thon today at Citi Field in Flushing, Queens at 4 PM. Nick is aiming to break the Guinness Book of World Record for The Most Hugs In An Hour. This Hug-A-Thon […]

"Nick Cannon Preps for Hug A Thon on Today Show"

"Nick Cannon's Comedy Showcase Brings Sold Out Laughs to Jersey"

Nick Cannon’s Comedy Showcase Brings Sold Out Laughs to Jersey 1

Nick Cannon and 92.3 NOW brought their Fresh Faces of Comedy Showcase to The Stress Factory in New Brunswick,NJ. This is the second sold-out stop for what will be a monthly endeavor. The showcase debuted last month at The Gotham Comedy club in New York. The third showcase will be headed back to The Gotham […]


Rollin’ with Nick Cannon: Booty Wurk! 3

The heated conversation has happened time and time again… On Thursday, America voted and ladies and gentlemen, by your overwhelming votes, neither Nick Cannon nor Southern Sarah Lee have any booty at all! This is not a surprise for anyone… not even them. There is one consolation prize though, so that you, the world can […]

"Rollin' with Nick Cannon Booty Wurk"

"Nick Cannon Playdate Double Standard"

Rollin’ With Nick Cannon: Nick’s Playdate Double Standard 1

On today’s Rollin’ Nick and Sarah Lee discussed the concept of playdates and Nick stated he WILL NOT allow daughter Monroe to have playdates with little boys and son Moroccan can (and will) be the pimp of playdates. Sarah Lee felt that was a total double standard. They then asked the listeners how they felt […]


Nick Cannon’s Fresh Faces Comedy Showcase Bursting with Talent

On June 30th Nick Cannon debuted his first Fresh Faces Comededy Showcase at Gotham Theatre in New York City. The Showcase featured Pete Davidson, Keith Alberstadt, Rob Wagman, Brandon ‘Buster’ Satterfield, Jordy Fox, Kyle Grooms and Jessica Kirson. Nick played host and warm-up man for the night. He warmed up the crowd with jokes that […]


Nick Cannon & Chelsea Handler Settle The Beef 7

Today Chelsea Handler called into Rollin’ with Nick and Nikki to talk about her upcoming comedy tour not realizing that the Nick is Nick Cannon to whom she’d been exchanging a war of tweets with. Check out how the settled it all. Rollin’ with Chelsea Handler Source:92.3 NOW/ Nick Cannon Archives (text)