Noel Lee

Nick Cannon To Produce TV Series with Monster Cable

Monster Cable started 35 years ago selling high-end speaker cords, but the Brisbane company is adding something different to its portfolio – two TV series co-produced with actor-rapper Nick Cannon. One will be a series that tries to inspire teens by introducing them to famous DJs, while the other will feature Monster founder Noel Lee […]

Nick Cannon Noel Lee CES 2014

Nick Cannon Attends The 2013 International CES Gadget Show

Monster Headphones gadget show was, as expected, monstrously cheesy with a healthy dose of hype. Head monster and founder Noel Lee skirted around a stage on a two-wheel Segway scooter at the International CES gadget show Monday, as celebrities, athletes and models touted the company’s upcoming line of headphones to about a hundred journalists. Taking the stage with him were New Orleans […]